2815 A.D.

Hundreds of years in the future, humans have left Earth after pollution left the planet uninhabitable. Left behind were thousands and thousands of trash-compacting robots, with the model name WALL·E. Our hero is the last WALL·E unit left still functioning on Earth.

Having developed a strong sense of curiosity after such a long and repetitive life, WALL·E frequently keeps items he finds doing his trash-compacting job to keep in his collection. Amongst his favorite things in his collection are a small TV and a VHS of the musical film "Hello, Dolly!", which he seems to watch every night. The film teaches him about the concept of love, but WALL·E, being the last robot on the planet, is always alone.

Everything changes one day when WALL·E discovers a tiny plant, which he keeps replanted in an old boot. That same day, a spaceship lands on earth and deploys a small, white probe called EVE, who seems to be in search of something on Earth. It was love at first sight for WALL·E, though EVE was more concerned with her "directive."

Little did WALL·E know that meeting EVE would change his lonely life forever, and that the future of this planet would soon be at stake.